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Street Rod Bodies FAQ
An overview of our Street Rod Bodies
  Superior Glass Works has produced fiberglass street rod bodies for over 35 years. We offer 12 different bodies based on several classics from Chevrolet, Ford, and Willys — and each is available with options that allow you to make it unique. Most have been restyled to reflect both classic and current tastes and trends, such as chopped tops, wide fenders, and smoothed panels, but several near-stock models are also available.   With our in-house, custom chassis shop, we can also supply the foundation under your new body and provide you with a Complete Rolling Package.
How our bodies are made
  Superior Glass Works’ hot rod bodies are manufactured with the highest quality fiberglass materials available. We use three layers of hand-laid fiberglass with the best ISO-certified resins. Each layer is rolled out by hand to assure a consistent thickness, with no waves or air pockets. To maximize strength and prevent flexing, heavy corematt is laminated with the fiberglass in all large panel areas such as the top, the floor, the decklid, and the doors. We do not use a high-volume chopper gun to make any of our bodies or parts.

Superior Glass Works’ parts and bodies are stored in their molds to ensure proper curing and to eliminate shape loss or damage. Only when we begin assembly do we remove the body from the mold. The final finish of our bodies is a smooth, easily sandable, glossy, black gelcoat. Upon completion, your body will arrive fully-assembled, with the fenders, the doors, the trunk lid, the hood and the like installed and aligned. And, if part of a Complete Rolling Package, the body will be mounted to your chassis.

Steel is used liberally throughout every Superior Glass Works body to provide strength and safety. Each body opening is framed by square steel tubing and the larger panels receive reinforcement across their length. Cross-body bracing under the dash, behind the seats, and in the trunk is tied into the side and floor structure to create a rigid steel cage. The floor is molded as a single piece and laminated into the body during assembly. This structure also provides solid mounting points for the door, the hood, and the trunk hinges and latches, and makes upholstery, steering column, and air conditioning installation easier.

Style, safety, and strength are fundamental to every Superior Glass Works body. The decklid construction sandwiches steel reinforcements and hinge mounts between two fiberglass panels creating a strong trunk that attaches with adjustable, heavy steel hinges. All of this attention to detail makes for a trunk that looks and feels like the original. Stronger yet are Superior Glass Works’ doors — go ahead, slam ’em! All doors are framed with box tubing and steel reinforcement plates, and include window glass channels. The doors in all of our bodies are latched with double rotor safety “bear claw” latches and strikers, and swing on our custom, 5/16-inch thick steel, six-way adjustable hidden hinges. These can be hung traditionally or rear-hinged “suicide” style.

Each Superior Glass Works street rod body includes fiberglass window garnish moldings and smooth dashboards, with alternative dash styles available on some models. For most, the dashboard is bolted in place and is removable to make under dash accessory installation easier.
Is it a 'kit car'?
  We don't consider our bodies as 'kit cars' but rather 'replicas'.  At Superior Glass Works each body is fully assembled with no additional welding or fiberglass work required.  If we are supplying a chassis or using yours, we can also install all the fenders, hood, radiator, and other accessories.  A traditional kit car usually involves receiving a pallet of boxes and little if any instruction about how to assemble your car.  For many, this may require time or skill that they don't have.  Once we have completed your body or roller, most of the 'heavy lifting' is done and you are left with the the tasks that most car guys can handle in the garage with basic tools.  This includes wiring, gauges, interior, engine, and paint.
Options, Upgrades, and Accessories
  Superior Glass Works is able to provide virtually all of the accessories you will need to complete your street rod. We can install many of these accessories, such as radiators, power windows, wipers, and steering columns, while we are building your body — all to your specification. Other components can be delivered with your body, for you to install when the time is right. Our full-service chassis shop will build the backbone for your body and deliver a Complete Rolling Chassis, a Complete Rolling Package, or, you can mount most Superior Glass Works bodies to a stock frame. We will discuss these options in more detail as we plan your project.
Registration and Titling
  Registration and titling varies greatly from state to state and country to country.  Superior Glass Works will issue a Manufacturer's Certificate of Origin with each body sold that references your invoice and serial number assigned to the body.  This is not a VIN, as we are not authorized to issue a VIN with our bodies or chassis.  The paperwork we provide has proven to be sufficient for getting our customers on the road legally in most places.  It is highly recommended that you consult your local motor vehicle department for rules that apply to you.
  " My name is Kirk Lee.  I purchased a 34 Chevy Cabriolet from Superior Glass Works.  Before I tell you about the experience let me give you a little background.  I started in this hobby in Pontiac muscle cars, primarily GTO’s.  I’m not a professional builder by any means but have done quite a few cars to a pretty high degree of quality.  I do all my own paint, body, fabrication, engine assembly and as much interior work as I can.  After doing these hotrods I decided I wanted to try a glass car, I was tired of fixing rust and all the welding associated with that.  After quite a bit of research, speaking with different companies I decided upon Superior Glass Works for my project.  They answered any and all questions and spent the time to go over all the options available and took the time to ask me what my plans were for drivetrain.  Superior was also the most confident in their product of all the companies I had spoken with.

When I took delivery of the well crated vehicle I could tell that this was going to be a very nice car.  I was extremely satisfied at how well constructed the car was and all body components were there and of extremely high quality.  Several of my area fellow rodders came to see the car and every one was impressed with the quality of the body and fenders.  While I worked on a different glass car from another manufacturer for a friend I can honestly tell you that Superior's has to be one of the best bodies on the market.  I never needed to re-enforce any panels and fit and finish was excellent in contrast to the other body I worked on where there wasn’t a panel that didn’t need strengthening or modification in some way .  The Superior body only needed minor work for the look I wanted to achieve.   Brad has personally seen to it that I was satisfied, be it working out ride details to some minor windshield adjustments, Now THAT’S customer service at its best.  Other companies have come and gone but Superior is still here.  I feel they are still here because of the quality and workmanship that goes into each and every body or part they create  I get the impression Superior’s focus is on getting it right the first time.  Will I buy again from Brad and Superior?  In a heartbeat! - Kirk Lee"  

"After comparing pricing and quality via internet and in person, in July 2008 I purchased a 27 Track T complete with chassis, Independent front suspension, 4 bar rear suspension and custom setup to my specifications from Superior Glass Works.  I couldn’t be happier with their “hands on” approach to working with me and helping me with the build of the car from the first layup of the body, to the final weld of the chassis.  Brad [owner], Randy [expert chassis builder] and crew helped me constantly right up to and even after the moment I turned the key and started it up for the first time.  I would recommend them and have recommended them to everyone I can who is interested in building a car." - John F., Canby, OR

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